אדל כהן

Experience Israel with Adel Cohen Event & Tour Coordinator

Adel Cohen Events was created by Adel, event producer, who knows how to take visions and turn them into enjoyable memories. Adel has many years of experience in the field of event production. She lived in Holland for 17 years, where she worked at Holland’s International wholesale flower market. For over 20 years she produced magical, European-style boutique events, conferences, and special concept trips.  

In the last few years, Adel decided to spread her wings and open her own boutique business, which guides and assists every customer following their needs, with out-of-the-box creative ideas. Her production services are for Israelis and International clients in Israel, which are interested in enjoying unique, custom-made events.

Adel Cohen Events offers services including Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, and anniversary party productions with an optional ceremony in Jerusalem, nature tours, enjoyable attractions, unconventional events that combine nature trips with unique attractions, agriculture tours, office team-building fun day for employees, and more. We’re also happy to provide our service for anyone visiting Israel.

We invite you to for a warm meeting to discuss your vision with us and understand the ideas we have for your dream event. Together we’ll build a plan that will create an unforgettable event for you, with lasting memories. Your dream for a unique event in Israel will become a reality with Adel Cohen Events! 


What does our package include?

  • Adel-Event-Tour-Coordinator will coordinate your event with a tour and other travel

Components (such as: accommodations / meals / tour guide) to create a personal package, which will fulfill your specific wishes and needs.

  • Adel-Event-Tour-Coordinator has a transport service to / from your hotel / airport.
  • Adel-Event-Tour-Coordinator will organize, according to your wishes, your visits at well-known, religious and historic places such as: Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and Masada, the Galilee, Golan Heights and more.
  • Adel-Event-Tour-Coordinator will use unique knowledge and experience in order to plan your individual event with a personal touch.


Tailor-made Tours – The Options: 

  • The holy-sites from different angles of the biblical-worldview.
  • Ecotourism in Nature: Outdoor experiences such as horseback / camel /donkey rides,

Bicycling, nature and bird tours (in season), ATVs, camping in Bedouin tents or B & B

Vacation rentals.                                                          

  • Spiritual tours for any religion: Exploring the land of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) with special spiritual experience.
  • Agriculture and ecology tours: visit an organic farm, agricultural-technology companies, greenhouses in the desert, and more.
  • Authentic culinary tours: visit vineyards / chocolate-makers / rural markets /fresh fruit and food markets, and more.
  • Multicultural ethnical communities such as Druze or Charukesi villages in the Galilee.

We will be happy to assist you by planning your event and coordinating your visit here, and accompany you at all times to insure that you will have a wonderful experience in Israel!

For more information please contact:

              Adel Cohen- +972-507241900

E-Mail: adelc264@gmail.com